Saturday, July 11, 2015

Free Will

What could free will mean?

If we know someone, doesn't that mean that we know something about their personality, i.e., how they are likely to behave in various circumstances?  Doesn't that imply a degree of predictability?  To the extent behavior is predictable, doesn't that mean that it follows rules?  If so, doesn't having an identifiable personality imply some lack of free will?

If rational behavior is something to strive for, doesn't that imply predictability, hence a lack of free will?

If predictability is the antithesis of free will, and what else could it be, wouldn't free will have to manifest as unpredictability?

If someone exhibited free will, wouldn't their behavior have to be random?  Doesn't this imply behavior that is unrelated to circumstances?  If so, free will would seem to imply remarkably unproductive behavior with no survival value.

Perhaps free will is an illusion.

That is not to say that consciousness is an illusion.  Consciousness and free will are entirely different things.

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