Monday, May 01, 2017

Math Rap

My grandson Andre's math assignment was to write a one page math rap.  Here it is.
Functions are easy don’t get queasy.
                        X into Y is ok, X into Y and Y should make you uneasy.
                                    Use the vertical line test to see if its legit.
                                                If it crosses more than once - Oh shit

X into Y and Y and Y and Y and Y and Y is big trouble.
            It may be a smooth curve - it could look like a bubble.
                        A function is a factory that makes Y out of X.
                                    Sort of like parents who make babies from sex.

Function are like people, nasty and nice.
            You better know which is which or you will pay the price.
                        Y=mX+B is the shape of a line,
                                    If it crosses the X axis once or nuance it is fine

Two linear functions often meet at a point called their solution.
            You will understand this if you pay enough tuition.
                        Lines can be perpendicular, with diametrically opposed attitudes
                                    You cannot derive one from the other with platitudes.

Parabolas look like a “U” either right side up or upside down.
            Right side up is called concave up or convex down.
                        Upside down is called concave down or convex up.
                                    If that confuses you - it’s ok if you throw up.

The equation for a basic right side up parabola is Y =X^2.
That’s because larger Xs give larger Ys - I hope you cared.
            So what if the parabola is upside down?
                        Larger Xs give smaller Ys - so it’s Y=-X^2, don’t frown.

Math can be strange and perplexing - ripping your brain asunder.
How many integers are there? I wonder.
Are they countless? That cannot be,
For you can count them with themselves, you see.      

Nonlinear functions can be pretty to look at.
            Pretty nonlinear functions are sometimes a little chubby or fat.
                        Sort of like women, like Mona Lisa

And that is that.

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