Friday, June 16, 2017

Bryan Caplan Quote

Here is a quote from Bryan Caplan's book "The Myth of the Rational Voter".

BC is on target.

As Pogo said long ago, "We have met the enemy and he is Us".
Mountains of legislation and bureaucratic diktats testify to the truth that central to the state’s business is satisfying the populace’s demand for illusions.  Legislators proclaim that wages rise for all low-skilled workers when minimum-wage legislation is enacted.  Jobs are saved and none are destroyed when tariffs are imposed.  Terrorism is thwarted and nations built when more soldiers and bombs from ‘good-guy’ countries are unleashed abroad.  The easy fix for gun violence is gun-control legislation.  Seizing the earnings of the rich and giving this booty to the poor will “grow” the economy, engender domestic peace and harmony, and ensure that politicians are never again tempted into corruption or venality.  Illusions all.

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