Thursday, July 06, 2006

Personal observations about handgun sights

My handguns have a variety of sights, including three dot tritium, front sight only tritium, Big Dot tritium, LaserGrip, and plain iron.

All the tritium sights are easily visible to me at night. However, I occasionally have a delay in identifying which is the front sight in the three dot tritium system. There is no delay with tritium in only the front sight or in a different form on the front and rear sights, as with the Big Dot.

In the past, I had an integral laser sight on my Glock. However, I no longer have it installed, mostly because it took too much time to turn on, but also because the laser light was visible to an adversary due to scattering of in the air.

I find the LaserGrip much more effective. It is very bright, makes targeting easy, and the front of the grip micro switch allows me to turn it on the instant prior to firing by adding a little pressure to one finger on the grip. That way, I do not give away my position with what amounts to a very long, bright light sword.

For daylight shooting at intermediate distances, I prefer a very bright front sight. Day-Glo white or red sounds good to me, but I have not yet looked into having my iron front sights painted.

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