Monday, July 18, 2016

Chiefs of police and Sheriffs are pro-gun

Here is the Firearms section of a survey of Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs in the United States.  Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs in the US are pro-gun, contrary to what many anti-gun groups claim.

                                                                                                Yes          No         NA
Should any vetted citizen be able to purchase
a firearm for sport or self-defense?                                              87.9%     8.9%      3.2%

Does your department support nationwide recognition
of state issued concealed weapon permits?                                    86.4%    10.6%      2.9%

Can qualified, law-abiding armed citizens help
law enforcement reduce violent criminal activity?                          76%       18.6%      5.4%

Does your department use reality based/active shooter training?      82.3%    17.1%      0.6%

Does your department sell confiscated firearms
to help meet budget needs or cover budget shortfalls?                    18%        81%         1%

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